News May 2022

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ESPID 20229-13 May in Athens Oral presentation “the PROBAC study”. Probiotic mix versus placebo – a food supplement for preschool children in Sweden.

News November 2021


Now we have joined together in one company:  Essum AB, Lactica AB and Probac AB = Essum Probiotics This means that we have skin probiotic products on the market and … Read More

News Juli 2020


Prebiotic cello-oligosaccharides The biomass-derived prebiotic cello-oligosaccharides (COS) from forest residues and from the cellulosic tunic of marine invertebrate Ciona intestinalis was developed at Luleå University of Technology. The brand-new cello-oligosaccharides … Read More

News May 2020


COVID-19 This coronavirus is new for our immune system so no natural immunity has been developed. Our immune system has to fight this virus so therefore a healthy living can … Read More

News August 2019


Essum celebrates 30 years with a big party at Umestan in Umeå.

News Juni 2019


Essum AB celebrates 30 years of probiotic development. The famous Verum-brand was launched and is still the biggest milkbased probiotic product in Sweden.

News May 2019


Biochemical Process Engineering at Luleå University of Technology are the first to develop probiotics from on-edible forest and sea resources. Essum in Umeå will evaluate the prebiotic’s health properties and … Read More

News Oct 2018


Today one of our local newspapers released an artical about our probiotics. We are happy that more people are acknowledging probiotic reserach. Probiotics can provide inexpensive and safe treatments and … Read More

News Sept 2018


We are currently testing a new mix of probiotic strains on preschool children to see if we can improve their health during the winter season. Under the direction of Umeå … Read More