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Essum AB, founded 1989 in Umeå has done research, development, clinical studies and production of probiotics for Functional Foods, Food Supplements, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals. Dairy probiotics used by Norrmejerier under the Verum™ brand is one of several good businesses coming out from the Northern part of Sweden. Another product combining probiotics and berries under the brand “Norrländsk Bärkraft” is marketed and sold by Immunbutiken AB in Skellefteå, this is also a development from the creative North.

Essum manufactures and markets probiotic bacteria that are distributed to companies that produce pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and food. Probiotics are defined as living microorganisms, which upon digestion in certain numbers exert health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Essum focus on the development of functional food products for the market on one hand, and on pre-clinical and clinical research to document the effects of functional foods, on the other.

Contact: Eva Grahn Håkansson, CEO


Our Partners

Essum has an agreement signed with Winclove Probiotics in The Netherlands, established in Amsterdam. This company has researched and developed a variety of probiotics since 1991. Winclove will now go further with Essums ENT-probiotics in clinical trials and out on the market.

Another agreement was signed with Probi AB, a leading player in probiotic research and development of effective and well-documented probiotics. The company was founded in 1991 and has a strong history of successful developments within the area of gastrointestinal tract, immune system and recovery. Probi will now by the agreement with Essum strengthen their capacity in the area of Functional Food. The probiotic strains in Verum and Proviva, the two leading functional food products in Sweden will now go further out into the global market.

News Augusti 2019

Essum celebrates 30 years with a big party at Umestan in Umeå.


News June 2019

Essum AB celebrates 30 years of probiotic development. The famous Verum-brand was launched and is still the biggest milkbased probiotic product in Sweden.



News May 2019

Biochemical Process Engineering at Luleå University of Technology are the first to develop probiotics from on-edible forest and sea resources.

Essum in Umeå will evaluate the prebiotic’s health properties and whether it can be used for human consumption.

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News Sept 2018

We are currently testing a new mix of probiotic strains on preschool children to see if we can improve their health during the winter season. Under the direction of Umeå University Hospital and in a cooperation with Essum and Winclove.

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News Oct 2018

Today one of our local newspapers released an artical about our probiotics.

We are happy that more people are acknowledging probiotic reserach. Probiotics can provide inexpensive and safe treatments and may reduce antibiotic prescriptions.

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